Highlighting WordPress Comments with CSS Sunday, Jul 6 2008 

Ever notice how some WordPress blogs make it a little more obvious when the author comments on his own posts? For some crazy reason, that’s not a standard feature in WordPress, but can easily be done with a little PHP and CSS.

There’s probably already a WordPress plug-in that does this, but some things are so easy to do that I just change the code in the theme editor. That’s the case with highlighting your own comments on your WordPress blog for a more official look and to keep jackasses from pretending to be you.

This method checks against the user ID, rather than an email address… which could be guessed.

If you’re already lost, just look at the first two comments from me at the bottom of this post, one of which I’ll logout for.

It’s easy enough to do, as it only requires one little code insert in comments.php and a CSS class defined in style.css.


WordPress Plugins Tuesday, Jan 17 2006 

This site, like many out there, is running WordPress. I’ve tried others like Mambo, Joomla, TextPattern and a few other CMS solutions–but I always come back to WordPress. One of the nice things about it is how easy it is to modify, whether it’s function with plugins, or appearance with themes and styles. It’s also easy to do minor code tweaks right through the theme editor. (more…)