Dreamhost Invitations – Save $150 – $200 Sunday, Jun 15 2008 

Dreamhost has a new promotion going where they give some of their customers special invitation codes that save you much more money than the normal promo codes.

The catch is that there are only 5 of them and each can only be used once, so if you try one that doesn’t work, just try another.  They’re supposed to expire in 2 weeks, so I guess it’s a limited time offer.

Each code will save you either $150 on the 5-year plan or $200 on the 10-year plan. This means that that the 5-year plan works out to be $4.45/month and the 10-year plan is only $4.28/month.

There’s also a few other added benefits when you use an invitation code. Both the disk space and bandwidth are doubled.

Here are the codes – enjoy!


If you prefer to just sign up with a standard promo code instead of going for one of the longterm plans, using MIKESEILER will save you $50 on any plan, even if you just pay monthly.

$97 Dreamhost Promo Code Thursday, Jan 12 2006 

Get the maximum discount when you sign up for a webhosting  account at Dreamhost by entering MIKESEILER as the promo code.