Adsense Notifier – Firefox Plugin Sunday, Aug 6 2006 

If you use Firefox and have an Adsense account, you probably already know about the Adsense Notifier extension.

Great extension. I didn’t realize how often I look at it until it was crippled by a recent change in the login procedure by Google. This was bad timing, as it happened at about the same time that Firefox released v1.5.0.6, making it look like it could be browser problem. Anyway, thumbs-up to the creator for quickly fixing it!

Gmail acting up? Thursday, Jul 27 2006 

Is it just me, or is Gmail being a pain today? Sometimes it seems okay, but other times I can login and read mail, but not delete it or do anything else without getting a “Your action was unsuccessful. Please try again.” error.

Update: Seems fine now–but I was getting that error w/different browsers & computers, so I don’t know what that was all about.

Free Google GMail Invites Thursday, Jan 12 2006 

I have about 50 GMail invitations I can give out if you’d like to give Google’s GMail service a try. Tons of disk space and a really nice layout. It’s free, but it’s only available by invitation, so just use the contact link on the right to send me your name and email address. Note that you must provide a valid email address to receive the invitation from Google.

If you’re one of smart people that use Firefox, be sure to check out the GMail Manager extension. It monitors your GMail accounts for you and lets you know when you have new mail. If you’re using an inferior browser, you can click the orange button on the right to download Firefox with the Google Toolbar already installed.