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Adsense Notifier – Firefox Plugin Sunday, Aug 6 2006 

If you use Firefox and have an Adsense account, you probably already know about the Adsense Notifier extension.

Great extension. I didn’t realize how often I look at it until it was crippled by a recent change in the login procedure by Google. This was bad timing, as it happened at about the same time that Firefox released v1.5.0.6, making it look like it could be browser problem. Anyway, thumbs-up to the creator for quickly fixing it!

Listzilla Firefox Extension Thursday, Jan 12 2006 

Listzilla is the Firefox extension for Firefox extension junkies. You know you have an extension problem when you need to download an extension to keep track of your other extensions. (more…)

Smart People Use Firefox Thursday, Dec 29 2005 

If you’re using Firefox as your default browser, congratulations! This means you’re smarter than people that don’t use it, or at least that’s what I like to think and tell people. With a wide selection of available extensions, it can do just about anything you’d want it to.

If you’re using something else (Opera, Internet Explorer, etc…), you should click the orange Firefox button on the right side of this page and start using a decent browser before people start thinking that you’re retarded.

Back when I was stupid, I used IE, Netscape, and Opera. Now, I use Firefox and everybody loves me. (more…)