$1.99 Yahoo Domain Sale Friday, Aug 10 2007 

UPDATE:  Screw Yahoo.  The sale’s over, but any company that jacks their domain prices to $34.95/year doesn’t deserve a penny of your money anyway.

Registerfly Thursday, Oct 26 2006 

Registerfly gives ICANN accreditation a bad name.

Transferring Domains Away From Yahoo Friday, Aug 11 2006 

This isn’t a post saying that you should transfer away from Yahoo.

I’ve read several posts claiming that you can’t transfer away from Yahoo, stating that they lure you in with the sale prices, then trap you so you have to renew at full price.

Just for kicks, I figured I’d try to transfer a Yahoo domain to my Directi account. I unlocked the domain and initiated the transfer on 8/6, which completed today. Not the world’s fastest transfer, but it was problem-free and they didn’t try to hold me hostage. (more…)

iPower $2.95 Domains with Free WHOIS Privacy Sunday, Apr 2 2006 

Update: Like most things that don’t suck, this deal didn’t last forever. Luckily, the link will still forward to their $6.50 domains, which is still a pretty good price.

Okay, I guess paying less than $3 for a domain isn’t amazing anymore, since Yahoo has gone as low as $1.99 and some hosts give you a free one when you sign up for hosting, but…

What’s different about the iPowerWeb deal is that your $2.95 gets you both the domain AND free WHOIS privacy.

$2.99 Domains at Yahoo Tuesday, Mar 14 2006 

Yahoo is having a $2.99 domain sale. I didn’t even realize that the $1.99 sale had ended, but $2.99 is still pretty good–especially since you can pay for 5 years at that price.

I’m not sure if they’re limiting it to 1 domain per Yahoo ID like last time, but I’m pretty sure they don’t limit how many Yahoo IDs you can have, if that turns out to be the case. 😉

For those that are scared by the low price, I’ve dealt with them before and yes, you own the domain and you can host it where ever you want.  Once it’s activated, just login and point the nameservers where ever you want.

Dotster Happy Hour – $1 Domains for One Hour Tuesday, Feb 14 2006 

It appears that will have $1 domain registrations at 4:00 PM EST–for one hour. From what I’ve read, it looks like you can register multiple domains at that price, but only one at a time. Not sure if there are any catches/fine print, but I guess we’ll find out in a few hours.

UPDATE: Dotster is truly pathetic. I could not register a single domain within that hour. At first, the site wouldn’t load at all. When it finally did, pages would time out, there were javascript errors–you name it, it was a problem.

They were not prepared for this at all… and I can’t help but wonder if they knew that going into it. If the way their site responded is any indication of how reliable their hosting is (which was pushed on every page that actually loaded for me), then I’d say avoid hosting with Dotster.

Even if they ran that sale again, I wouldn’t waste my time with them.

Godaddy Promo Code Monday, Jan 23 2006 

If is your registrar of choice, you can enter DIGG as the promo code to save 10%.  Or, you can enter Amazon-2 to save $2 on a .com registration.

Namecheap Coupon Code Friday, Jan 20 2006 

If you register your domains through, entering SAVE7993 as the coupon code will knock the registration fee down from $8.88 to $7.99. I just used it today on a .com registration, but I’m guessing that it will work with other TLDs as well. I think it also lowers the price of their email service, if you’re interested in that. I have no idea if there’s an expiration date, so enjoy it while it lasts!