12-12-12 Wednesday, Dec 12 2012 

I posted this at 12:12 on 12/12/12.  Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

RIP Pete Wednesday, Mar 21 2012 

RIP, Pete. 🙁

George and Cindy Anthony Friday, Jul 8 2011 

If George & Cindy Anthony ever decide to murder their child, I’ll happily toss a free “Not Guilty” their way if I’m on the jury.

Osama Bin Laden Sunday, May 1 2011 

If he wasn’t already dead, he probably is now.

10 Sunday, Oct 10 2010 

I just posted this at 10:10 PM on 10/10/10.

Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

Superior Drummer for $149 Friday, Jun 18 2010 

I’m not sure how long this will last, but Zzounds currently has Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 2.0 software (Full Version Mac/Win) on sale for $149 with free shipping.

Click here to order Superior Drummer 2.0 for $149

OJ Simpson is Dead Sunday, Oct 5 2008 

Well, not yet… but it’s nice to know that when he does die, it will probably be in a prison cell.

Congratulations to the jury for not being completely useless like the wastes of skin that let him get away with murder.  Guilty on all 12 counts.  I wish I could have seen the Goldman family’s reaction to the verdict.

Congratulations to Nevada for having laws that punish criminals, even if they’re has-been celebrities.

It’s nice to see that piece of garbage where he belongs.

Highlighting WordPress Comments with CSS Sunday, Jul 6 2008 

Ever notice how some WordPress blogs make it a little more obvious when the author comments on his own posts? For some crazy reason, that’s not a standard feature in WordPress, but can easily be done with a little PHP and CSS.

There’s probably already a WordPress plug-in that does this, but some things are so easy to do that I just change the code in the theme editor. That’s the case with highlighting your own comments on your WordPress blog for a more official look and to keep jackasses from pretending to be you.

This method checks against the user ID, rather than an email address… which could be guessed.

If you’re already lost, just look at the first two comments from me at the bottom of this post, one of which I’ll logout for.

It’s easy enough to do, as it only requires one little code insert in comments.php and a CSS class defined in style.css.

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